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2 Sep

TODOS tenemos un motivo para exigir la renuncia de @EPN. No podemos tolerar 2 años más de esto. Unámonos. ¡Qué renuncie!



19 May




In June 2009 a fire at a government-sponsored day-care centre in Hermosillo in northern Mexico killed 49 infants.

Almost seven years on, no one has been held accountable ; not the supervisors, not the regulatory authorities and certainly not the owners of the business, one of whom was distantly related to Margarita Zavala, the wife of the then president of Mexico who is now active in Mexican politics.

Successive administrations have made a string of promises – and left them unfulfilled.
Meanwhile the parents, some of whom were not even told their children were already dead when they arrived at the scene, have not given up their demand for answers to how the fire started and why the building had inadequate smoke and fire alarms and why two of the three exits were locked.

In the run up to events planned to mark the seventh anniversary of the fire…

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Reply to Ambassador Mr. Gómez Pickering’s letter to The Guardian

8 May Photo: Judson Vaughan

Dear Sir/Madam, We are writing in regard to the response* written by the Ambassador of Mexico in the UK, Diego Gómez Pickering, about your Editorial “The Guardian view on Mexico’s missing students: justice indefinitely deferred“:

  1. The government is NOT committed to a transparent and in-depth investigation to clarify the social tragedy of Ayotzinapa. Despite allowing an international independent panel of experts (GIEI) to get involved in the case, from the beginning of their work the government never gave this group full access to the records and evidences (only 50% of total evidence was given).
  2. The GIEI declared in their last press conference at Mexico to have been defamed in different Mexican newspapers (like El Financiero or Milenio, as the New York Times certified) once their research pointed out to different pathways than the “Historical Truth” defended by the government.
  3. Photographic evidence leaves no doubt that the Battalion 27 of the Mexican Military knew of the attacks throughout the night but did not act to prevent them. Despite asking for months, the GIEI was never allowed to interview the soldiers (a key group of witnesses for clarifying the events) and therefore never knew what orders they were given that night.
  4. The GIEI revealed that the day before the authorities “found” plastic bags in the San Juan River with the remains of one of the students, pictures and videos taken by photojournalists show that relevant government officials (like Tomás Zerón, Head of the criminal investigation unit for the federal Attorney General’s Office) were there, probably setting up what would later become the “discovery”.
  5. When this video was released, Tomás Zerón gave a press conference declaring that UN office for Human Rights representatives in Mexico knew about his presence at the San Juan river. The very same day, the UN Human Rights office in Mexico clarified that they were never informed about the presence of Mr Zerón and furthermore, manifested their surprise that the government had tried to involve them in their “clarification”. In other words, Mr Zerón lied.
  6. In relation to the case of the 128 “detainees” referred by Mr Gómez Pickering, reports show that at least 17 key informants might have “confessed” under torture. By the way, torture in Mexico has been qualified as an “extended, common practice across the country” by Mr Juan Méndez, UN’s Special Rapporteur on Torture.

As you can see, Mr Gómez Pickering’s reply only adds up to the government’s modus operandi in regard of the case of Ayotzinapa: hiding the truth and losing credibility every day.


Mexican activist groups in the UK and Europe:

#YoSoy132Londres, London;
Justice Mexico Now, London;
London Mexico Solidarity;
Manchester for Ayotzinapa;
Sheffield Mexico Solidarity;
Cambridge Mexico Solidarity;
NodoMxM, Madrid;
Mexibelga, Belgium;
Catalunya Contra la impunitat, Lleida;
Saving Mexico, Amsterdam;
Bordamos por la Paz, Paris;
Collectif Paris-Ayotzinapa;
Kollektiv por Ayotzinapa, Hamburg;
Conciencia México-Dinamarca.

*”Mexico is committed to investigating missing students” by Diego Gomez Pickering


GIEI for Ayotzinapa: Second report

29 Abr IMG_7084-c-702x468

Foto: German Canseco/ Revista Proceso


After reporting obstruction, intimidation and bullying from the Mexican government, the Grupo Interamericano de Expertos Independientes (Interamerican Group of Independent Experts, GIEI) gave its second report on their investigation and expert’s opinion on the disappearance of 43 students from the Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers’ College on the night of September 24th, 2014.

Discrepancies and confrontations with the Mexican Government (which is clung with their own “historical truth”) marked the work year of the experts group which, in the previous weeks, has been subject to a smear campaign driven by the highest political groups seeking to strengthen their official “hypothesis” and to promote the protection of the involved politicians.

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Running for Justice in Mexico

11 Abr Featured Image -- 1285

DONATE NOW! Please support JMN Team! Running for Justice In Mexico.


We are JMN Team!

A warm hello from team Justice Mexico Now (JMN). Your support is hugely important to help free an entire country from shocking human rights abuses.

DONATE NOW! Please support JMN Team! Running for Justice In Mexico.

That country is Mexico and it is currently at its worst:

* You might have heard of 43 disappeared students from Ayotzinapa, Guerrero. Well a year and a half later they’re still missing. The government keeps ducking away and refusing to meaningfully engage with the independent group of expert investigators appointed by the Inter American Commission for Human Rights.
* Did you read those stories about murdered journalists that made headlines in the UK? Well unfortunately they are more common than you think, especially in the state of Veracruz – just not all of them get internationally reported.
* Did you hear about the president’s ostentatious mansion, built by the…

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#PanamaPapers – Mexico

3 Abr
#PanamaPapers: 11.5 millones de documentos que involucran a jefes de estado, políticos, criminales, empresarios e instituciones como la FIFA en negocios sucios y evasión de impuestos. Los personajes mexicanos incluyen Hinjosa Cantú (Casa Blanca de Peña Nieto), Alfonso de Angoitia (Televisa), Ricardo Salinas Pliego (TV Azteca) entre otros, una investigación detallada sobre cada caso puede leerse en Aristegui Noticias. Investigación internacional sin precedentes de más de 370 periodistas de 78 países.

Marchas por Ayotzinapa. De la indignación a la digna acción.

30 Mar

Interview with Omar Garcia

25 Ene Featured Image -- 1275


12509869_1067708866583491_2222147383720697266_n 2

January 21, 2016

Omar Garcia, one of the survivors of the 2014 attack on students from the teacher training college in Ayotzinapa – which saw three killed and 43 forcibly disappeared by police and the military working in conjunction with organised crime gangs in the state of Guerrero – visited the UK this week to raise awareness of the case.

Garcia followed up his previous visit to Britain last year when he met human rights organisations and solidarity groups. This week he was invited to address a public gathering at UCL, part of the University of London and later held a meeting at the House of Commons with Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party, a longtime supporter of human rights and social justice in Latin America who signed an Early Day Motion calling for a proper investigation into the attacks. Afterwards, Mr Corbyn said he would be raising…

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Jeremy Corbyn, líder de la oposición en UK, se reúne con estudiante de Ayotzinapa

25 Ene 12509869_1067708866583491_2222147383720697266_n 2

Omar García se reunió el 21 Enero 2016 con el líder de la oposición Jeremy Corbyn MP En el Parlamento del Reino Unido para hablar sobre las desapariciones forzadas en México y de la necesidad de traer al grupo de expertos de la Comisión Interamericana GIEI a una reunión con los parlamentos de distintos países europeos y asi contrarrestar los ataques mediáticos que el gobierno y el ejército mexicano han elaborado sistemáticamente en los últimos meses al ser presionados por el GIEI para que el ejército sea llamado a cuentas.

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AYOTZINAPA: Solidarity Meeting- What Comes Next?

19 Ene 12376595_1126327524074141_6027625402035524161_n

With a new year comes the need but also the opportunity to reactivate our solidarity and common struggle for justice in Mexico. It’s time to sit down and discuss how best to keep fighting in 2016 and beyond. Let’s do it on January 20th, when Omar García, survivor of the 26/09/2015 attacks against students of Ayotzinapa is able to join our conversation.

This is an event organised by Justice Mexico Now, YoSoy132Londres and London Mexico Solidarity. Everyone to work in solidarity with Mexico is welcome.

The event will take place at Room 101, Development Planning Unit, 34 Tavistock Square, WC1H 9EZ, London (this is part of UCL). For those of you not based in London we’ll aim to bring you in virtually.

Facebook event.