Mexico faces an uncertain future as rebooted PRI fails to stem violence and corruption

15 Dic


Mexico faces an uncertain future as rebooted PRI fails to stem violence and corruption


When Enrique Pena Nieto, the former governor of the state of Mexico, won the country’s general election in 2012, voters hoped they would see a sharp downturn in the number of human rights abuses and a new social contract.

The only figures that have dropped however are the president’s approval ratings which have plummeted since he took office.

The new president – known as EPN – was a scion of one of Mexico’s long-established political and business dynasties and promised a wave of changes, very few of which have had a positive impact, audiences at the Latin America 2016 conference in London heard this month.

What actually happened after EPN assumed office was that the old power brokers now had the ear of the next generation which made questionable appointments and unleashed a further round…

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Running for Justice in Mexico

11 Abr

DONATE NOW! Please support JMN Team! Running for Justice In Mexico.


We are JMN Team!

A warm hello from team Justice Mexico Now (JMN). Your support is hugely important to help free an entire country from shocking human rights abuses.

DONATE NOW! Please support JMN Team! Running for Justice In Mexico.

That country is Mexico and it is currently at its worst:

* You might have heard of 43 disappeared students from Ayotzinapa, Guerrero. Well a year and a half later they’re still missing. The government keeps ducking away and refusing to meaningfully engage with the independent group of expert investigators appointed by the Inter American Commission for Human Rights.
* Did you read those stories about murdered journalists that made headlines in the UK? Well unfortunately they are more common than you think, especially in the state of Veracruz – just not all of them get internationally reported.
* Did you hear about the president’s ostentatious mansion, built by the…

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In London we haven’t forgotten – #AyotzinapaUnAño

26 Sep

2015: Year of Solidarity Between UK and Mexico

By Lila Caballero, Justice Mexico Now

On 26 September 2015 43 students from the rural school Raul Isidro Burgos of Ayotzinapa were forcefully disappeared following a violent attack from municipal and federal police forces. A few of their fellow students were killed and others injured. Since then, their families, NGOs, artists, human rights defenders and concerned citizens from all over the world have not given up on finding them. Over 100 people gathered exactly one year after the attacks outside the Mexican Embassy in London to say loud and clear that we still want answers and justice – for the 43 and for the thousands more Mexicans that are disappeared.

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